Gun Gun Girl® is a 100% biodegradable device.
Gun Gun Girl® is produced with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.
Paper obtained with a forest manager compatible with the environment and society.
Designed in Switzerland, the device has been patented as the only pocket-sized, biodegradable and disposable PeeDevice device.

What's Gun Gun Girl?

Gun Gun Girl® is a female urination device, also known as PeeDevice, that allows you to pee standing up. It is disposable, it is pocketable and it is suitable for travel, but also in everyday situations. Instead of squatting, you can stand up straight to perform your natural needs.
It is produced in paper. It is clean and discreet.

100% Hygienic and Body-Friendly

1. Quality

Device tested on water-repellent, hypoallergenic, non-porous paper.

2. Special finishes

The device is assembled in aseptic environments, through the use of body-friendly glues.

3. Control

Each individual sample is manually checked by the manufacturer to ensure hygienic safety.

Special offers

100% Anatomic

After long studies of the anatomy, lines and (intimate) feminine curves, we wanted Gun Gun Girl® to follow the curved design of the private parts. To ensure maximum grip and comfort required by our expectations.

The patented design guarantees the safety and self-esteem in carrying out urination, eliminating the feeling of failure (get wet).

100% Discreet and Safe

Discretion and Security are very important aspects in an intimate moment, such as urination.

For a woman to feel comfortable and safe in this moment means serenity and success.

Gun Gun Girl® with its complete and discreet packaging, from the pocket device to the hygienic wipe, allows you to urinate and complete it.

All operations in the safest and most discreet way with serenity.

100% Green

We believe we do our best to protect our planet, the earth, so we wanted Gun Gun Girl® to be biodegradable.

Made with paper, the most eco-sustainable material with the least pollution, but at the same time suitable for our shape and design needs

The internal lamination, to prevent the paper from absorbing urine, is also biodegradable. The inks used are certified for food use, and are not harmful to the skin or the environment.

Yes, Gun Gun Girl® is a 100% biodegradable product that does not pollute …

but do not disperse it in nature. It would be a pity. After use, dispose of it properly by throwing it in the trash.


100% Environmental and Social

Gun Gun Girl® is produced with FSC® certified paper, obtained with a forest management compatible with the environment and society (CO2 reduction). CO2 emissions are an increasingly important issue on environmental impact, which is why GunGunGirl cares about its reduction.

The distribution of our product is also under constant scrutiny,

with a watchful eye on gray energy and its diminution.

Gun Gun Girl® is committed to safeguarding our environment, but also our society.

Patented design

We must always have the courage of our ideas and not fear the consequences because we are free only when we can express ourselves without bending to conditioning.

– Charlie Chaplin


Designed in Switzerland.


Gun Gun Girl® is always with you even in this difficult time.

Let’s fight Covid-19 together!
Wash your hands often, use a mask and practice social distancing are recommendations that we have been hearing everyday. But we don’t know where COVID-19 might be encountered. Gun Gun Girl® wants to help with challenges and adventures, even the biggest ones in Life.
Whether it’s climbing a mountain or finding a dirty bathroom, our pee device is a convenient and autonomous solution for any place and any type of bathroom. Remember that bathrooms are not always certain or guaranteed to be sanitized properly. For this reason, bring with you a Gun Gun Girl® and a hand sanitizer, for every evidence, you never know! USE Gun Gun Girl® and Don’t sit down Never!

Let’s fight together Covid-19.
Let’s fight Covid-19 together!!!